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At MRX Labs, we provide a wide array of analytical testing services with customizable packages and programs to meet your needs.


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Moisture Content Testing

MRX Labs Cannabis Moisture Content Testing

Our reliable moisture content testing services ensure that your cannabis is safe from contamination while in storage. More →


Residual Solvents Testing

MRX Labs Residual Solvents Testing

Our customizable residuals testing accounts for all solvents indicated by the State of Oregon, and more upon request. More →

Water Activity Testing

MRX Labs Water Activity Testing

With our moisture activity testing, you can rest assured of your cannabis’s longevity and safety. More →

Potency Testing

MRX Labs Potency Testing

Our premiere potency testing services ensure that you receive the most accurate and reliable results every time. More →

 Terpenes Testing

MRX Labs Terpenes Testing

Our cutting-edge terpene testing provides patients, providers, and breeders with reliable knowledge about their cannabis. More →

Multi-Strain Batch Testing

You may combine strains of useable marijuana into 1 batch as long as the strains of useable marijuana are harvested within 72 hours of each other, in the same location and under the same growing conditions. The aggregate weight of all strains can’t exceed 15lbs to make a batch.

Because all 5 of the above strains were harvested within 72 hours of each other, and the combined weight is 15lbs, then these strains can be combined into 1 batch (Batch ID:08010317).

Since all 5 strains are being combined into 1 batch, this batch will require a unique batch ID that the client must provide to the sampler at the Sampling Event. This cannot be a METRC ID. Since pesticide analysis, water activity and moisture are only required on the “batch-level”, the lab will only have to perform, and therefore charge, 1 pesticide test, 1 moisture test and 1 water activity test as opposed to 5 pesticide tests, 5 moisture tests and 5 water activities since there is only 1 batch. At the lab, we will combine Jack Herer, Sour Diesel, AK-47, White Widow and Gorilla Glue into a sub sample in order to conduct pesticide analysis, moisture and water activity.

It is important to note that potency is a strain specific analysis, so we will have to conduct 5 separate potency tests, 1 for each strain.

In this example, the referenced multi-strain batch will cost a total of $725 for testing. If each strain was instead a separate batch, then the cost of testing would be $1,500. As seen, this cuts down drastically on testing prices. So, in short, the easiest way to sort your strains that are ready for testing is to first distinguish what their harvest date is, then combined strains up to 15lbs that are harvested within 72 hours of each other if the client has assigned them all the same unique batch ID.

However, please advise the client that if they do combined, batch-level testing that a failure on the batch level will fail all the strains within that batch.

Multi-Strain Batch Testing Portland Cannabis Lab MRX