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For more information about our testing services, please review our FAQ now.

Sampling FAQ

Submit completed prep sheet(s) from our website and let us know when and where you would like your sampling event. Our prep sheets can be found under the “Schedule Sampling” drop down menu above, and then clicking “Client Prep Sheet”. We will then schedule you in our first available slot.

If you have unprocessed plant material and are not planning to sell it, you can drop off your samples at the lab. However, if you hold a medical or commercial license and will be selling your product, you will need to provide the entire batch for sampling so a certified sampler can take random, representative samples according to state guidelines. You may also drop off research and development samples or quality control samples if you are a medical or recreational licensee. But please note, all R&D and QC samples must be manifest through METRC if you have a recreational license.

State regulations require all requests for analysis be made prior to the sampling event. Our prep sheets meet this requirement, while also providing our samplers with the most information upfront, minimizing sampling times on site.

State law requires that we obtain a 0.5% random, representative sample from each 15lb batch of your harvest lot if you are seeking compliance testing in order to bring your grow to market. However, if you are testing for personal use or for research and development (not certified compliance testing), we could run a complete battery of testing (including terpenes) with 15 grams and potency-only with 4 grams.

Testing prices can vary depending on state testing requirements, the number of batches/strains you have in a harvest lot, and the testing required for the intended purpose of your crop. Our staff has been trained to find the most cost-effective way to get your product approved for market, so the best way to get an accurate price quote is to contact us at sampling@mrxlabs.com and describe your needs in detail.

If you are growing strictly for personal use and not for resale, you may test plant material without a license. However, you must have a license to test any cannabis, extracts, concentrates and cannabinoid products you plan to sale.

Yes, as long as your batch is 15lbs or less and all strains were grown under the same conditions and in the same location, as well as harvested within 72 hours of each other.

Currently state regulations require every batch/process lot be tested for pesticides.

You will have your complete test results emailed to you within 10 business days. Potency-only tests are usually emailed sooner.

We do offer expedited testing for a markup price of 50% of the original price. Please visit our pricing page for original prices.

Our sampling fee is $5/sample for every matrix type. Our mileage fee is a flat $50 if you are located within 20 miles from our location. If you are farther than 20 miles from our location, we charge $50 plus $0.53/mile round trip. If you bring your product to our lab for sampling, then the mileage fee is waived.



Potency, moisture, water activity, and pesticide testing is required for flower. Potency, residual solvents, and pesticide testing is required for concentrates and extracts. Potency testing is required for edibles and topicals.

You must have your license in hand for any certified testing.

Water activity is actually a measure of the relative humidity immediately adjacent to your product, and it impacts whether microorganisms can grow on your product. A water activity test assesses the the likelihood of microbiological growth on cannabis and ensures your product was dried properly so it is not vulnerable to mold and yeast spores.

You are required to test water activity and moisture content (unless processor uses sterilization method). If your product is going to a cannabinoid product processor, then you are also required to have pesticide analysis conducted on your batch(es).

Post control study costs are much lower. State regulations require labs to take many more increments pre-control study, with each increment tested individually. Post Control study we are able to take fewer increments, and combine them together, resulting in fewer tests required.




Medical cannabis is required to undergo the same tests as recreational cannabis: potency (THC/CBD), pesticide, water activity, and moisture content.




It is illegal to use any pesticide on cannabis not found on ODA’s cannabis and pesticide guide list. Furthermore, your pesticide product must be used according to the label directions. Click this link for all state pesticide guidelines and for a list of approved pesticides: Cannabis and Pesticides.

More than likely you have a problem with some type of cross-contamination. Make sure you are using new containers, and never reuse a pesticide container or any other questionable container. Make sure that everyone handling your plants has clean hands and is wearing fresh clothing. Keep all pets and other animals away from your garden, even flea medication can cross-contaminate onto your plants. If you use a pesticide on other parts of your property, make sure you do not allow your water source to come in contact with the chemical as it could wick back into the hose or faucet, and always mix and/or store it on a non-porous surface that will be thoroughly cleaned afterwards.

If your product fails any of the required testing, please visit the state website: Failed Test Guidance.

Oregon Department of Agriculture - ODA



Monday – Friday from 10:00am to 7:00pm

Not currently, but we are in the process of getting that set up. We currently only accept cash, check or money order.

Certainly, just call the lab at 503-954-3992 to set up an appointment.

Anyone can submit plant/flower samples for testing, but only licensed individuals can submit concentrates, extracts or any product being offered for sale recreationally.

We currently offer pre-paid packages available for purchase that give you an overall discount in testing costs as well as an expedited turn around time of 7 business days. Please visit our pricing page. For all other inquiries please contact the sales team at 503-954-3992.

While not required by the state, terpene profile testing can be very advantageous for cultivators and processors alike.  Most consumers shop cannabis by smell, and terpenes are the main vehicles for aroma in marijuana flower and extract.  Exhibit your unique product to potential buyers and consumers through terpene analysis.  

We currently can test for 8 different cannabinoids and 18 different terpenes.