About MRX Labs

“Our highly trained and experienced staff of professionals, industry-standard instrumentation, and cutting-edge testing procedures ensure that our customers receive the most reliable and accurate test results.” -Jonah Barber, Founder

MRX Labs is a premier cannabis testing laboratory based in Tigard, Oregon, offering full-spectrum bio-analytical services for all your testing needs.

We proudly provide our customers with a fast and efficient turnaround at the most affordable prices while achieving the highest level of customer service.

Best Cannabis Testing Company in Oregon
THC Testing Company Portland Oregon - MRX Labs

What We Offer

We offer various testing services to ensure that our clients know everything about the chemical composition, makeup, and potency of the sample they provide. We also work with our customers to give them the tools and knowledge they need to select the strain and dosage for their desired effects.

Setting the Standard

MRX Labs has set the standard for precision and quality. The proof is in our process: we have multiple instruments and redundancies, allowing us to check consistency daily and provide precise, accurate, and repeatable results. Visit us today to see for yourself why MRX Labs was named The Best Testing Facility in Oregon for both 2016 and 2017 by Dope Magazine!

MRX Labs Testing Service - Jonah Barber