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About MRX Labs

MRX Labs is the premier cannabis testing laboratory based in Portland, Oregon; offering full-spectrum bio-analytical services for all your testing needs. We have been providing our customers with the most accurate test results and reporting for years through the use of our highly trained staff of professionals, industry standard instrumentation and rigorous testing procedures. We are proud to provide our customers with the fastest turn-around at the most affordable prices with a focus on superior customer service at all times.

We offer a wide variety of testing services to ensure that our clients are knowledgeable of the chemical composition, makeup and potency contained within the sample provided; as well as present the customer with the proper information they need to determine which strain to select, dosage information in order to obtain desired effects. This information also allows customers to achieve a repeatable experience designed specifically for them without the risk of being exposed to any undesirable effects.

The proof is in our process and MRX Labs has set the standard for precision and quality. We have multiple instruments and redundancies which allow us to calibrate daily. This allows us to provide our customers with precise, accurate, and repeatable results unmatched anywhere else, time after time.

MRX Labs is also proud to have been voted the best testing facility in Oregon for 2016 and we hope to win again this year.

A letter from our Team:

We are privileged that you are taking your time to be here at our website. Thank you for your time.

We are the owners of MRX Labs and MRX Xtractors in Portland, Oregon. We are the manufacturers of the highest quality production and the highest yielding Super Critical CO2 Extractor.

MRX Labs and MRX Xtractors is your only all-in-one analytical laboratory and technology company. We are your only one-stop engineering and manufacturing company for expediting your complete turnkey operation for extraction and post-processing oil refinement.

We know that, under one roof, we are an extremely valuable resource of support and guidance for you and that we will save you wasted time, money, mistakes, trial and error, backtracking, and regrets. Our commitment to help you simplify, streamline, and fast-track your operation, does not cost you anything, but will save you immensely.

We know the help, the direction, and the value we bring to you. We will have your startup operation, or your expansion endeavor, in maximum production in the shortest timeframe possible.

We know what we can do for you and your company. We invite you to utilize us as your one-stop resource, your ongoing partner, and an enduring contributor to your success.

Please accept our invitation to schedule a time to meet. Please let us help coordinate your trip to our facility.

It will be valuable time spent.


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